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Sacred \ˈsā-krəd\ adjective  Made holy; set apart to religious use; consecrated; not profane or common; dedicated ; devoted.

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          Here is a link to an interview the
        United Methodist Church did on me.


Eddie has been tattooing since he was 12, and professionally for the last 18 years. He has been awarded 36 trophies with titles such as Best of Show, Best Sleeve, Best Backpiece, Best Single Piece, Best Celtic Tribal, and Best Black and Grey. He gets the most satisfaction out of personalizing your tattoo and drawing it specifically for you. Although Eddie enjoys tattooing images that reflect his faith, that is not all he does. He really enjoys tattooing Japanese style art. He says that is where our American style of tattooing got its theory and practices from, and it is nice to reminisce in the roots of our art. Another style of tattooing Eddie fully enjoys is realism and surreal portraiture.

In his spare time you will find him painting canvas, doing graffiti, drawing, or even freestanding wire sculpting. He says that life is art, and he uses those mediums not only to capture moments in time that inspire him but also to progress his talent as a tattoo artist. 

Eddie believes he has been blessed to be a blessing. He has a heart to lead people to Christ through his tattoo ministry and is commited to provide a safe wholesome enviroment where all feel welcome and comfortable. He says that even if you are not a Christian and get turned off by people being pushy about their beliefs; no need to fear. Here at Sacred By Design, he tattoos all walks of life. But keeping that in mind,please, refrain from using abusive language or disruptive attitudes.