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Sacred \ˈsā-krəd\ adjective  Made holy; set apart to religious use; consecrated; not profane or common; dedicated ; devoted.

                OKLAHOMAS FIRST  


This summer Emma and I will be co-leading a team to Cot, Costa Rica! There, we will live in host homes for the week. so we are super excited about that. To be able to rub shoulders with the locals. To live with them, to love them, and to break bread with them. Alongside our host families we will be discipling young believers. Our main objective is to encourage the young believers and their families in the Lord. What we are doing this trip is just fortifying relationships that we have already built through our Kirk missions.  Just as Paul did and other apostles have done by writing letters and  revisiting the Believers that they had earlier discipled; we will be doing in Cot, Costa Rica.  There will be some community projects, and a woman's retreat.  Everything on this trip is designed to forge bonds with our brothers and sisters in Costa Rica.

You guys; as clients, friends, and family, are so faithful in your support. And for that, Emma and I would like to thank you. So.... with all are hearts thank you!  Also, we do ask for continued prayer as we prepare for this summer to leave, that it be God's will,His agenda, not ours be done. And pray for his favor in this trip that we not only get to strengthen these young believers and the community they live in, but that God does a mighty work in us as we are obedient to go. 

        Everyone as usual you can keep up to date on out Facebook pages. Stay tuned to those for more stories and pics.

     God is good all the time!



Guest Speaker Eddie Smith from Logos Church on Vimeo.

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